I appreciate the opportunity to make you aware of great sales resources.

Mike Weinberg’s new book, New Sales. Simplified, is certainly one I would put in that category.   Mike says he loves sales, and it shows in his in-depth, yet amazingly simple, insights.

What makes this book stand apart from some other sales books is its lack of complexity.

Early on in the book, Mike shares his story of how he went from selling for an established company to Walmart to a new company where he was truly selling without a net.

His frankness in sharing not just this story, but also many more throughout the book, really makes it easy for you, the reader, to connect with what he is saying.

The methodologies Mike presents when it comes to prospecting is excellent.   Early in the book he presents a list he calls “Not so Sweet 16.” This is a list of 16 reasons why salespeople fail at prospecting.

The list alone makes the book worth the price.

Better yet are the suggestions he shares on how to succeed at prospecting.

If you read this book, I have no doubt you will be a better salesperson afterward.

If you’re looking for a radically new sales process or a complex new operating system to make you into a superstar then don’t bother buying the book.  You will, however, take your sales game to the next level when you start to apply the prospecting tips in the book.

If on the other hand you want to take your sales game and move it to the next level especially when it comes to prospecting then this is a book you will want to buy.

Simply put, New Sales. Simplified is well worth the investment in yourself.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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