When changes happen, big or small, how do you react?

In light of the pandemic we’ve all experienced for the past year and a half, someone recently asked me, “So, do you miss traveling?” I had to laugh. 

I said, “ “Well, it’s kind of funny, but I traveled more in 2020 than I’ve ever traveled before.” In fact, I was in Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, and almost all the European countries. I’ve been all over the place, digitally, because of the internet.

It’s one of the travel lessons I learned in 2020. I can be anywhere. It’s amazing how tech allows you to go anywhere. We used to think that we had to get on an airplane. Surely that’s the only way to get there!  

Business Without Borders

In fact, there were a lot of potential clients in countries around the world that used to say, “Oh, Mark, we’d love to bring you in, but we just can’t afford the travel. Maybe someday when we’re big enough.”

Then  the pandemic comes along and suddenly, traveling is out of the question. Instead: Can you do Zoom? Can you do Teams? 

We have absolutely changed the norms. We’ve changed the paradigms.  

Just because the situation doesn’t allow something, does’t mean it is impossible. All it takes is any small or big change. 

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I’m finding myself a hundred percent more productive now than I was six months ago, nine months ago, a year ago. Why? Because of what transpired in 2020.

I could not do anything about the pandemic. All I could do was respond to it, and adapt.


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