What are money hours? What are you doing to maximize your two money hours each day? This is an important term that you need to understand and apply now.

Money hours include the first hour of the day and another hour in the day that you select when you engage in the most critical sales activity prospecting, closing a deal and working with a customer. This may be a different hour each day. No matter what, you need to schedule and be game on for it.



When you get these two hours right, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish the rest of the day. Motivation creates motivation, success creates success. There’s a reason why some salespeople are more successful than others. It’s simple – they use their time more effectively! Motivation does not occur by chance, success does not occur by chance; they occur because the people who are successful and motivated, plan for it.

Too many salespeople wander through their day doing just that, “wandering.” They merely wander from one activity to the next, thinking they’re productive. This is not being productive, it is being busy. Anybody can be busy- that’s certainly not an issue in today’s world. What’s hard to do is be productive, especially in the face of too many demands on your time. If you don’t control your time, your time will control you. You must plan your day and within your day, plan how to use your time in a way that helps you achieve your desired outcome. As I looked at my calendar and email this morning, I noticed that both were full and overflowing. In that moment, I had a decision to make: I could tackle the email and “stuff” on my calendar or I could use my calendar to focus my time. I chose the later, because I blocked time on my calendar for my most important activities: ones that will create the greatest impact.

How do you set your day? The idea of having two money hours is just a start. Once you master having two money hours each day, I encourage you to increase it to three, four and to the point where every hour is a money hour. Your ability to create money hours each day will result in significant greater level of success. I have shared this concept with thousands of salespeople and have seen the results. This simple activity when done right has taken some of the lowest performers and turned them into high-performers. I’ve watched already high-level salespeople run with this idea and create 5 – 6 money hours per day and double their results. It works! There’s a reason why highly productive, successful people are that way. It’s comes down to them choosing to using their time efficiently.  Notice I used the word “choose.” This was intentional. It’s our time, and it’s our decision what we do with it. Don’t let others choose it for you. It’s not their time, it’s your time. This is just one of the many proven ideas I talk about in my new book, A Mind For Sales. I highly suggest you use your time wisely by buying the book right nowclick here!

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