Your customers are not bowling pins waiting to be knocked over, they are customers waiting for you to open up a relationship with them. Too often, salespeople see customers as nothing more than a barrier to blow through to earn their commission. This is the reason why I actually don’t like the term “closing” a sale. I prefer to say we are “opening” a relationship.

Let’s all admit, we love to close a sale. The only thing better than closing a sale is closing one fast and easily. If you’re in sales, you know that this is the key to success; however, there’s an issue with this mentality. The issue is that if you begin thinking that every sale is just another “close,” we forget about the sale’s value and the impact it can have in creating many more sales in the future.

When you make a sale, are you programmed to think about how you can leverage the first sale into another one? This is a big reason why I don’t like the term, “close.” I prefer the term “open,” as in opening a relationship when making a sale. When you tell yourself that you’re closing a sale, you immediately view that as the end. Frankly, the only good sale is one that leads to the next sale; this is why I firmly believe in viewing each sale made as opening a relationship. Look at where the bulk of your business comes from. Ask yourself how much of it comes from existing customers either in the form of repeat sales or referrals.

You should focus on this percentage trending upwards in the long-term. If so, you’re doing your job in doing your job. On the other hand, if this percentage is not trending upwards, ask yourself if you’re viewing your customers as bowling pins. Every one of you have massive amounts of businesses waiting for you if you’re just willing to take the time and view each customer as a long-term relationship. It really becomes powerful when you look at it in terms of your cost in acquiring a new customer. It is always far cheaper to get more business from an existing customer than it is to go hunt for an entirely new customer. Do not see this as permission to not prospect or to dial it down. NO! Prospecting is always an essential activity. You have to treat prospecting like a muscle and it must be exercised. Failing to prospect causes the prospecting muscle to become weak and flabby, so when you need it most, it won’t be there.

Sales is a beautiful way to earn a living. It’s about helping people and enabling others to achieve their goals. Something funny happens when you help your customers achieve their goals – you’ll actually wind up closer to achieving yours. Your customers are not bowling pins; what you sell is not a bowling ball. You’re selling success for you and for your customer.

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