In my new book, A Mind For Sales, I talk about how it is your mind that controls the results you get. It’s your mind that impacts and shapes what your customers say and what you hear. However, your success today did not start today; it is a result of how you prepared for the day.

In the 2-minute video below, I break down what you need to do at the end of each week in order to prepare for the week ahead. You have heard me say before, “tomorrow begins today.” I’m a firm believer in this quote, because if you fail to plan, you will find yourself merely reacting to the day. In sales, I call this being a rain barrel. You’re doing nothing more than simply reacting to what happens around you and to you. Sales is about being a rain maker, and to be a rain maker you have to prepare.

One of the problems I see is people making “to-do” lists and going through the day taking care of things. The problem with this is that these “things” are too often activities that create little impact and don’t move you closer to your goals.

Today and everyday, you must be committed to achieving your goals. Rain makers go out and make it happen; they don’t wait for things to fall into their lap. Anyone can be busy. You probably woke up this morning with a list of tasks to complete, but before you do, ask yourself this question: which items on my list are focused on making an impact and moving me closer to achieving my goals? Be brutally honest with yourself. You’ll find far too many items on your “to-do” list are activities of little value. A question I like to ask myself is, “how will this action impact my life 6 months from now?” Again, be serious. I suspect a lot of things you set out to do will actually impact your success 6 months from now.

I want you to measure your success not on what you do today, but on the impact today’s actions will have on your life and the lives of others 6 months from now. Making the transition from focusing on today to six months from now will take time. I suggest you watch the video, focus on your goals, break them down into outcomes, and plan your week accordingly. Don’t be surprised if it takes you several months to master this approach. You’ve been trained to have a “to-do” list – it’s what society and those around us preach. I don’t belabor this norm. I embrace it, as it allows me to be different. It will allow you to be different, too when you focus on the outcome.

My new book, A Mind for Sales, releases March 31. It is 100% on helping you become successful in sales long-term. You’ll want to grab two versions, one to read and highlight and the other to listen to. You won’t be disappointed. Pre-order today!

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