Have you ever looked at a coin?  Sure, you have, and regardless of how you look at it, the coin’s value does not change. Every coin has two sides to it. They each have a head and a tail. Which side are you looking at?  

Now, you know what’s interesting? No matter which side you’re looking at, the head or the tail, it is amazing how the coin still retains the same amount of value. The same thing is happening right now. We currently live in a very polarizing time. You’re either this side or you’re this side, and there’s no in between. However, we all still hold the same value; it just depends on how you choose to look at it. If you look at the coin one way, it shows heads; but if you look at the coin another way, it shows tails. The same is true with every opportunity. We all see tremendous opportunities come into our lives everyday, but if you actually see them or not depends on which side of the coin you’re on. 

 Video:  How Do You See Opportunities? 

I’m absolutely excited about every day because every day creates new opportunities. Am I working the business plan I thought I’d be working at the beginning of this year? No, I’m not. COVID-19 changed that, but you know what? I’m still working a business plan that is seizing opportunities and making the most of each one. I see the coin, but I’m not looking at the side some people are. I am choosing to look at the side I want to view. I’m extremely positive. I’m extremely excited! Because I see opportunities and when I look at the coin in that way, things have a different look. I see them differently. Also, I am not allowing myself to hang out with people who see the coin from the other side. No, I don’t allow it because I’m too busy making things happen. Life is a coin. Which side are you looking at? 

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When challenges arise we don’t rise to the occasion, we sink to the level of our training.

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