A new year will soon begin and one resolution you need to make to yourself is to not make any excuses in 2013.

This is the year to not have any excuses as to why you didn’t call somebody back when you were supposed to.

It’s the year to not have an excuse as to why you didn’t close a sale you thought you would get.

Make 2013 the year it all comes together.


By allowing yourself to be organized and stay organized throughout the entire year.

Right now is the time to start organizing the key objectives of each quarter in 2013. Then break them down by month and as necessary break them down by week.

Don’t kid yourself. You have a sense as to what will or will not happen in 2013.  Sure, there will be plenty of stuff you can’t plan for, but it’s amazing how much of the regular activities we can plan for.

The worst thing of all is when a person has to apologize for something they know they needed to do when they knew for a long period of time it was going to need to be done.

The payout for not making excuses for why you didn’t do something you needed to do is simple — it’s going to show up through increased productivity, increased job satisfaction, increased sales and simply put, increased quality of life.

Top performers don’t have to make excuses because they’re always ready.

They know how to handle the predictable and they know how to handle the unpredictable.

It might be unpredictable, but in reality it’s not.  The only thing that is unpredictable about the unpredictable is exactly what it is.  Top performers know the unpredictable will happen and that’s why they can handle it.

Make 2013 the year you’re prepared. Let’s all go out and make it an “excuse-free” year.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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