You’re wondering if I’ve lost my mind by this headline.  Don’t ask my kids if I’ve lost my mind, because they’ll be happy to share with you their opinion.  My only hope is as they get older that their opinion becomes more favorable.

Self-serving leadership is not an oxymoron.  I find far too many situations where people are forcing their “leadership” on others while ignoring themselves.  This is no different than the habit too many people have where they say they love change, but in the end they want everyone else to change so they don’t have to.

Leadership is far more than barking out orders and pushing your agenda on others.  Leadership is done through modeling behavior, and this means doing what is expected of others.

Ask anyone who they respect as a leader, and I’m sure they’ll say somebody who they feel not only leads others, but leads themselves by practicing what they preach.

It’s time we take a self-assessment and review what it is we expect of others and assess if we are displaying the same expectations.   The leader you respect didn’t reach that point by accident. The leader you respect the most got there because of the deliberate focus of self-serving leadership.

By focusing first on ourselves, we will then be in a position to serve others.

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