The number one item I get phone calls is sales prospecting.

The problem is far too many people either do not have a process or the one they’re using is clearly broken.  

I’ve been blogging for the past several months extensively on the subject of sales prospecting. 

The best sales prospecting systems are those that are simple. Don’t try to over complicate things.  When a process becomes too complicated, it tends to not get used.

This is why far too many sales prospecting systems are broken. It’s not that they’re not any good — they are simply too complicated to be executed on a regular basis.

One of the best sales prospecting tools I’ve ever found is what I refer to as “6 MPM.”  It stands for 6 messages per month.  Wow! Some of you are saying that’s way too many!

I agree — if what you’re doing is trying to sell the customer.  If, on the other hand, what you’re doing is providing the customer with information they can use, then no — it’s not too much.

Another key prospecting tool is voicemail.

Again, too many salespeople blow it with voicemail because what they’re doing is leaving the prospect with ammunition as to why they would never want to do business with them.

The best voice mail messages are those that are 11-14 seconds in length and deliver one key piece of information the prospect will find of value.  The message is not about you!

Recently, I did a webinar on the subject of sales prospecting.  The response was overwhelming! Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who didn’t get a chance to watch it.

Click on the below image and download the 45 minute video:









In the webinar, I talk a lot about the two items above and a number of other sales prospecting tools you can use right now.

There’s no cost to you for this webinar.  My goal is simply to help as many salespeople as possible improve their sales prospecting efforts.

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