Do you have a tough time keeping your sales motivation up? Is your sales motivation one-dimensional? What I mean is this… do you get in a rut and not explore new ways to stay motivated? Our technology filled world makes it EASY to seek new resources all the time! You as a salesperson have more access than ever before to tips and material that can help you keep yourself motivated. But are you doing it? Are you taking advantage of all those resources?

Make it a habit to explore new resources, even for 5-10 minutes a day. Find what helps your sales motivation and keep coming back for more. So much of it is FREE. You are reading this blog, but you can also go out and listen to my new audio podcasts on iTunes. Just search “The Sales Hunter.” Latest ones I have out there are “It’s All About You” and “Growing is Better than Surviving.” They are short and simple and might give you the added motivation you need in your sales process today.

YouTube: I also just posted a new video on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlV4CaDTt3Y. This is all about improving at least some aspect of your sales process by just 1% each day.

There is need for one-dimensional sales motivation. Read, listen, search and grow. You’ll see the difference in your sales success!

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