business cultureI’ve been talking a lot recently about the need to have engaged customers and their impact on both the top-line and the bottom-line of your business.

The ability to have engaged customers requires engaged salespeople, which come about due to engaged leadership.

All of this is a result of the culture of the business.

Culture plays a much bigger role in any business than a lot of sales leaders care to admit.

It’s too easy to pass off business activity as nothing more than a bunch of processes and procedures and fail to realize the impact emotional intelligence has on a business.

Engaged customers are advocates for you and your company. They are active customers in doing business with you and telling others about you.  Engaged customers can be one of the biggest assets a salesperson or a company has.

If you were to ask your customers to describe the culture of your company, what would they say?

How would their answers compare to how you would answer the question? 

How would others on your team answer the question?

Being able to obtain similar answers from all 3 groups is a key way I measure if a company truly has a culture that can create engaged customers.

A good friend and business associate, John Spence, has done a brilliant job of writing a 19-page ebook on the subject of culture and the steps a leader can do to create it.

Earlier this week John shared with me a copy and I found it to be spot-on with my approach to creating culture and the value it can have on a company.

You really should check it out!  You can get John’s ebook Building and Sustaining a Winning Culture for free.  Go to this link!

When you’re done reading it, let me know your thoughts. And let John know too!  Let’s keep the discussion going.

Culture and its impact on the top-line and the bottom-line are too big to not make it a priority.


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