I have shared posts in the past about the economy, including this guest post by Sean McPheat on 4 Steps to Overcoming the “Economy” Objection and this one by Tim Wackel on how you should Stop Blaming the Economy.

As salespeople, we are reminded daily of the economy and the impact it has (good and bad) on what we do for a living.

Possibly what is the greatest benefit of economic downturns is they force us to assess our intellectual capital and what we offer our company that possibly a less motivated person does not.

The economy can also bring front and center how well we have — or have not — taken care of our sales motivation.

The truth is that if you are in sales long enough, you will observe economic highs and lows.  It’s what you do regardless of the economic news that reveals how determined you are to stay motivated.

I’m not going to lie — when the economy goes south and business takes a hit, it can be discouraging.

The opposite end of the spectrum can be equally dangerous as well — when the economy is humming along great, we can easily fall into a false sense of security.

In either of those scenarios, we can become careless with our sales motivation. We can get stuck and not do what we need to do to sharpen our skills.

So, I’m asking…  Is the economy making you a better salesperson?

I challenge you to be the type of leader who consistently is strengthening your sales motivation and selling skills.  Do not wait for a crisis to get things in gear.  And do not let success compel you to think you don’t have more to learn.

We always have more to learn.

Dust off the sales books you bought but haven’t read.  Sign up for the seminar you’ve “always wanted to take” but just kept putting off. Seek out the blogs and websites that offer you valuable tips from a variety of voices. Network with the optimistic people who will challenge you in a much-needed way.

Whatever you do, be the type of salesperson who isn’t going to let the good or bad economy determine your level of sales motivation.

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