I’m tired of people neglecting their responsibilities and assuming somebody else will take care of them. Next time you see a task that you don’t believe you’re responsible for, ask yourself if you have the ability to deal with it. If so, then it is your responsibility.

Let’s flip this concept over to sales and particularly sales leadership in how you manage your sales pipeline. The 3 biggest issues salespeople have are prospecting, following up and closing the deal. A successful sales person has always mastered every one of these areas. When I talk with those salespeople who are struggling, it usually comes down to a failure to execute at least one of these important tasks.

If you believe that you can help customers, it is your responsibility to prospect. They need your help! You can’t allow yourself to sit back and just wait for them to come to you. They are your responsibility and your responsibility is now.

If you believe that you have solutions that will help them, you owe it to them to follow up. Even if they don’t respond, be persistent, and keep reaching out and following up with them. You must do this, because you have the ability to help them.

The same concept goes for closing the deal. You know that you can’t ultimately help them until they buy from you. Because you have the ability to help, it is your responsibility to do so but helping them must involve getting them to buy from you.

Sales is a process made up of multiple activities. Sales is not a single item. Taking responsibility for others is the same thing. You have the ability and you know what it takes. Therefore, it is your responsibility to not allow anything to get in your way of helping prospects and customers benefit from you and what you sell.

You have one job and that is to be responsible for helping your customers see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. You have the ability, but it’s up to you to have the willpower and determination to follow through.

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