Each year I set myself goals on things I want to learn and, more importantly, how I want to apply what I learn.

This is what trips my trigger and gets me excited. The reason is simple — it allows me to achieve more.

Last year I set a goal to find a way to master the internet with regard to being able to provide key sales concepts to people who otherwise may never have an ability to see me in person.

After months of research and talking to dozens of people in education, tech industry and business, we finally figured out a model that would work and truly make a difference with people.

With the help of an amazing team of experts, I’m pleased to announce Breakthrough Sales University.

This is a game changer!

I don’t say it lightly and I don’t say it because it makes good blog copy. I say it seriously because it’s a perfect marriage of proven concepts, engaging format, and measurable outcomes! Best of all, it is flexible!

You’re asking what gives me the right to say all of this?

Simple — this is a program that includes real-world strategies that have been used successfully by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

I also offer the option of what we call “accelerators.” These are special sessions where I dig deep into issues salespeople have brought to me. The result is you get the personable style you’ve come to expect from me delivered in a manner that fits your needs.

Do yourself a favor and do your customers a favor — check out Breakthrough Sales University.  Let’s get connected, let’s get going and I’ll show you how to have the best year yet!




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