If you’re like me, each year poses new opportunities and new challenges.

Regardless of how you view things, the core issue is the same — we must be ready from the start to make it happen.

Here are the 5 obstacles we all must overcome:

1. We must display consistency

The marketplace is far too competitive to merely think one sales call is going to do the trick.  We have to demonstrate consistency, but at the same time, we can’t be redundant.

Nothing will turn off prospects faster than someone trying to get their attention with the same message over and over again.

2. We must continually improve

We know our competitors are improving, so if we don’t at least keep up with them, how will we ever expect to get anywhere?  Rather than just keeping up, we have to be improving at a rate that exceeds what our comeptitiors are doing. This is the only way to truly get ahead.

3. We have to be proactive in developing new business

This means we must have a plan that allows us to maximize everything we do.  Merely waiting for something to happen simply doesn’t work. That’s not what we’re paid to do, and it’s no way to expect to be paid going forward.

4. We can’t expect what worked in the past to keep working for us

Last year’s results are just that — last year’s results.  Look around and notice what’s changed.

If we want to be the one who drives results, we have to push ourselves to find new ways to approach our business.  We have to be open to new processes and new techniques so that  we’ll be able to drive the business forward.

5. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how will others believe in us?

Why should we expect anybody to take any action based on what we say if we are not confident in what we’re saying? Our level of confidence and how we apply it is what gets the entire process moving.

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