Feel like AI is taking over everything? 

The rules keep changing on this, but what I want you to remember is: ChatGPT is nothing more than a very hyperactive search engine. 

Don’t run from it! ChatGPT is a tool to leverage. Embrace it!

ChatGPT can give you a tremendous amount of information, but don’t think for a moment it’s going to replace you as a salesperson.

Rather, keep one thing in mind: Not only are you using it to help you sell, but your customers are using it to help them make buying decisions. Let’s break this down.

Customers aren’t always receiving good information.

One thing happening right now is customers are using ChatGPT to find out information about what to buy. This gives them knowledge and information, but it can also give them bad information

For example, I can ask ChatGPT a very specific question. However, I can turn around and ask that same question an hour later and get a different answer. You see, AI is using real time, so guess what? Answers change. It’s one of the risks of our customers using AI, so you’re going to have to spend more time de-educating.

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How should I use it?

Let’s put that aside for now. Let’s talk about you as a salesperson.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool to help give you lists, ideas, as well as talking points to help guide you in what you should be looking for. However, it is not the tool to help you write a perfect email, or to give you the perfect introduction to something. 

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If anybody is thinking, “I’m going to get AI to crank out a perfect prospecting email and then I’m going to send it out to 10,000 people.” Guess what? You just sent out 10,000 stupid emails. Nice job. Thank you for messing it up for everyone else. 

The key to using ChatGPT is not to type in something general, like ‘how to sell.’ Rather try, ‘how to sell to CEOs who are looking for a…’ The more specific you can get, the better the answer you’re going to get. But remember, it’s still just what it’s pulling off the internet.

ChatGPT is a tool to start your thinking. 

It is not a tool to finish your thinking or to develop the exact commentary you’re going to share. For example, I can ask ChatGPT to provide me with the questions that customers might have regarding a specific product or service, or how to use them. And it’s going to give me back some questions, great! 

Now it’s time to use your best judgment. Some of those questions can be pretty lame and dumb. I’m definitely not going to ask those, but there could be other questions that could spur a great idea. 

This is the value of ChatGPT. It’s going to help you level up because your customer is using it.

Think like a customer. 

Want to see things from a prospect’s perspective? Ask ChatGPT what a customer is (probably) asking about your services, or about how what you do helps them, et cetera. Leverage ChatGPT to level yourself up with the customer.

Be irreplaceable. 

I’m very optimistic about the future of AI. It is going to help us sell. It’s not going to replace us unless we’re bringing no value to our customers.


What ChatGPT is doing today is no different than what Google and other search engines did 15 years ago when they exploded and began to become utilized. And remember, we were scared back then that it was going to replace us, too. Well, it didn’t replace us.

Instead, it sped up our ability to get more knowledge, because prior to that, we were having to spend hours in libraries researching different topics. Now we suddenly had a search engine that could help get us insights faster. Likewise, we have AI, the next generation, allowing us to have that knowledge even faster. 

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