There are three levels of network that I believe are essential to your success.

It’s called the Network Triangle, and you need each part for your network to be strong and complete.

You need people to be accountable to, that’s your mastermind

You need knowledgeable people you can call, but can also call you. It’s got to be mutual, and that’s your subject matter expert group

Of course, you’ll also have a lot of people who influence you, that’s your largest group, but how are you influencing them?

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1. Don’t limit yourself, or your network.

Growing your network can take time, but nobody starts from zero. 

Each person you know is an invitation to meet someone else.

Start with what might seem like a small circle of influence now, be diligent, and watch it grow. 

Much like a garden, you’ve got to put in the hard work. You won’t see fruit immediately, but keep planting the seeds, removing the weeds, and watering the plants. 

Watch this 90-second video from Mark about leveraging your network. 

2. You cannot benefit from a nonexistent network.

Look at your network like a bank account, in order to take anything out of the account, you must first put money in. 

Now I don’t mean literally investing in your network, but you surely can invest your time, effort, and clout.

Leaders leave time in their schedule so they can be available to those in their network. Do you?

3. Consider your network a privilege. 

The greatest privilege we have in sales is the ability to impact and help others in a manner that allows them to achieve a higher level of success. 

A thriving network can be a blessing. If you don’t get excited about helping people, why are you in sales anyway?


4. A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Sales is not a solo activity, sales is a team sport.

Let me clarify, team does not mean you and the customer, but you and everyone else you come into contact with. 

Approach your network with that team mentality, and you’ll see which “positions” you need to fill to make a complete and powerful lineup. 

Remember the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

5. Create a mastermind.

A great way to nurture your network is to find your people. I’m in several masterminds, and they’re typically groups of four or five people that I’m in contact with regularly–that’s right, even daily. 

These powerful individuals keep me accountable because they’re driven, smart, and also generous. We run ideas past each other. We make sure to give one another great referrals. As a team we share goals, and help each other achieve them. 

If you’re not in a mastermind group right now, go make one! 

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6. Be generous with referrals. 

This is such a key part of network growth. The great thing is, when you give referrals, you’re also more likely to receive referrals. 

Expand your network by helping others expand their network. 

A good sign of a healthy mastermind is a constant mutual exchange of referrals. If you’re not reciprocating by giving good referrals to your group members, then you’re not pulling your weight. 

Read more about How to Create a Referral Network. 

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Introverts without planning and preparation are terrible at sales. 

But could introverts be capable of outselling their extroverted peers?

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