Have you thought about the impact you as a sales manager have on the prospecting results your people achieve?

I’ve encountered far too many situations where the sales manager is blaming the lack of new customers on the failure of the sales team to prospect.

This absolutely drives me crazy, because the results of the sales team are a direct reflection of the sales manager’s leadership or — may I say —  lack thereof!

The role of the sales leader is to first of all help instil in the sales team a level of confidence about what they’re being charged to do.

Second, the sales leader must ensure the sales team has the proper tools with regard to talking points, contact strategy, etc., to do the job. Third, and most important of all, the sales leader must be the steady guide throughout the ups and downs salespeople will have each month and quarter

Prospecting is not something you talk about in a sales meeting for a few minutes each week and then think that’s all that’s necessary.

I’m a strong believer that prospecting must be more than an afterthought and it must become a lifestyle. By this I mean prospecting has to be seen as important to the sales process as breathing is to living.

This is a topic I’m privileged to be speaking on at the upcoming Sales innovation Expo in London May 11-12!

What will make this event even more special is it will serve as the pre-launch debut of material from my new book coming out this September, “High-Profit Prospecting.”

Although the book won’t be out until September, the people who have read parts of it have all encouraged me to get the word out now.

If you’re in Europe, I hope to see you in London at the Sales Innovation Expo!



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