Are you one who goes into the week with a reactionary state of mind? Unfortunately, this is the approach too many salespeople take and even worse, they do it all in the context of having a customer service mentality. Their mentality is to serve the customer. To do this, they need to be ready whenever the customer calls. I want you to add another dimension to this idea – a dimension of focusing on controlling your week.   

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You control your week by focusing on who you intend to influence.  Unless we are deliberate about how we spend our time, we won’t have anyone to blame when we fail to accomplish our goals. If you have a customer service mindset, the goals you achieve are all dependent upon your customers. On the surface, that might seem fine but what if they’re not the customers you want?  What if the customers you are playing “customer service” with won’t be around in 1 – 3 years? You must control who you spend time with, and you must control who gets your time. 

Each week and even each day, I review my list of who I intend to influence, but before that, I do something else. I take a few minutes to think about how those I intend to influence may influence me. I desire to learn from those I converse with. Now, are you ready for the secret to how I do that? It begins with reflecting on how each person I intend to influence has influenced me in the past. For those people I intend to meet that I don’t know, I contemplate how others like them have impacted me. This simple exercise prepares me to have an open mind and to view others as a source of insight.  

This week and every week you owe it to yourself to make it the best week possible. This opens with preparing yourself and your mind. Your success is a big reason why I wrote the book, A Mind For Sales. I encourage you to buy it, read it, apply it. It will make a difference.

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