The next 3 weeks is the best networking time of the year!  Don’t miss out!  Many people think everything is shutting down about now and there’s no sense in trying to develop new business.  However, I find it the best time of year for one simple reason:  you can reach many more people now that you can’t reach at any other time of the year!  Think about it.  During the holidays, everyone’s schedules get thrown into disarray and, as a result, they tend to do things that are out of the ordinary.  For example, on my website, I have a number of articles, and every time there’s a holiday weekend, the number of hits per page skyrockets!  Why?  People have time to explore things they normally don’t get the time to do.


Your peak time for networking is between Christmas and New Year’s.  Yes, there are fewer people working during that time, but the ones who are are usually more receptive to answering the phone.  People who are working that week are also many times catching up on things and laying the groundwork for next year.  So, there’s no better time for you to introduce yourself!  Although it might mean you have to change your holiday plans, if networking during those days makes for a better 2008, then it’s probably time well spent.


Now, don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you’re going to connect with a particular person.  Rather, use the next couple of weeks to reach out to as many people as possible via the telephone, email, or networking events.  Cast your net as far and as wide as you can and you’ll be amazed at the results.  You’ll be even more amazed when some of these contacts materialize into business next year.   Great Networking in 2008!

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