happy customer 2When you help your customers achieve what seems unreachable, you are paving the way for both of you to succeed.

I’m always fascinated when I talk to salespeople who are so intently focused on their product or service that they lose sight of what the product or service actually means to the customer.

This goes way beyond “benefits” of what you sell.

You have to listen closely enough to your customer and ask enough follow-up questions to ensure you grasp what they really want, even if what they want seems unreachable.

This is as true in B2C as it is in B2B.

What does your customer truly want?  Remember — you have to look beyond mere benefits of what you sell.

Recently I did some training for a large organization.  This customized training involved a number of sessions over a few days.  It was in-depth training covering several selling techniques.

What was most encouraging is how the client was even surprised by the positive results of the training.  And by “positive results,” I mean significant increase in prospecting success and more closed sales.  They couldn’t even believe it.

Success for them meant success for me.  And that’s what sales is all about.

Help your customers achieve what seems unreachable.

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