failureWill you help me fail?

I may even do something for you if you help me fail.

I figure I need all the help I can get, so if that’s the case then I need help failing.  Are you with me? Can I count on you?

Reason I need help failing is because I do want to fail big.  We’ve been told not to fear failure and we’ve been told to embrace failure.

Well, it’s time to quit being told we don’t need to fear failing and to simply start going out and doing it more.

This is why I want your help.

If I’m not failing at something, then I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

I remember ending a great day of skiing with my wife and she was proud of herself for not having fallen all day.  I, on the other hand, was pleased to tell her I had several major wipeouts and a number of near wipeouts.

I commented I wasn’t phased by the falls, as they were all a demonstration of my commitment to push myself regardless of the run I was on.  To me, falling while skiing is a great way to get better.

It’s time for me and everyone else to push ourselves even harder than before in ways we didn’t really think possible.  Yes, the goal is to succeed, but if we don’t who cares! We win by failing!

The objective is not to fear failure or look to minimize it.  No, the objective is to fail and learn from it to provide us with the confidence to be even more successful than before. 

This is why failing with the assistance of other people is even more helpful, as it gives us even more input and more sources with which to learn from.

Are you with me?

Help me fail and I will help you fail, and collectively we’ll both come away even stronger than before.

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