goal settingOver the next several weeks, I’ll be elaborating on my 14 things great salespeople always do that average salespeople only think about.

1. Great salespeople set goals.

How many goals have you set for yourself in the last 5 years?  How many of them have you measured?

If you’re like most salespeople, you have volume goals you measure and you may have some other goals you measure, but let’s be honest — the vast majority never get measured.


They don’t get measured because we really don’t want to have proof we’re failing.  Great salespeople don’t look at goals in that manner.

They look at all goals as being things to be measured. Key for them is the measuring of the goals is going to help them learn from the goal. Yes, great salespeople want to win and they want to achieve every goal they set, but they also know achieving them is only part of the process.

To be great, see each goal as not just something to achieve, but also as something from which to learn. Top performing salespeople use goals as benchmarks to guide their performance.

Look at the goals you are working to achieve now.

What can you learn from them?  What might you be able to adjust or modify to help you not only achieve the goal better, but also apply it to other activities as well?

Make it part of your continuous learning process to use your goals as a means to improve what you do.  Objective is to be able to take each goal and learn something new from it you can then apply to something else.

An example is a goal  to open up at least 5 new accounts each year.   As you go through the process of opening up 5 new accounts, what are some of the things you can learn that may help you increase the business you get from existing accounts?

The more you can gain from each thing you do, the more you will have to apply to everything else.  In the end, your overall results from all of your goals will be better.

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