successWe’ve made it to our last point on our list of 14 things great salespeople do that average salespeople only think about.

Today we come to #14:

Great salespeople know success is not what they did yesterday, but success is what they will do today.

They live in the now and, at the same time, are always remaining mindful about tomorrow.

Great salespeople live in the now. They don’t live off of what they did yesterday.  You won’t hear great salespeople running around telling stories about the big sale they made last quarter or last year.

They leave the storytelling to those people who feel somehow they can still cash in on something from the past.

True sales leaders don’t run around telling others what they’ve done. They let their actions and their results speak for themselves.  There are only two people they know they have to please — their customer and themselves.

Great salespeople are too busy making the next sale happen. They’re all about the next challenge.  Sure, they still want to know what they did in the past and they won’t forget what they did in the past, but only to help spur them on to sell even more today and tomorrow.

Knowing the success they had in the past is what also provides them with the confidence and determination to succeed even more.

Success to the top performer is never a constant. They feel success is merely a moment of time, and if they want to be successful, then they have to be successful in this moment of time.

Watch average people salespeople after they’ve achieved their goal. They’re the first to celebrate, but worse yet, they celebrate TOO long!   They celebrate and live off their success. Then they soon find themselves running short on time to make the next monthly number.

Great salespeople celebrate their success, but are quick to move past the celebration and get on with the task of achieving success again today and everyday.

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