happy customer 2First reason is how you start Monday is a good indicator as to how the entire week is going to go.

If you allow Monday to slide by and not make it productive, then most likely you’re going to let the entire week slide by.

Second reason is Mondays are the best day of the week to firm up appointments for the week.  Use Mondays as your time to schedule any additional appointments you need to make it a full week and to confirm with people you will be meeting with.

Reviewing the calendar on Monday is something most people do, so if you’re trying to get time on the calendars of busy people, doesn’t it make sense to be reaching out to them on Monday?

Besides, by doing this it helps get you pumped and motivated for the good stuff that is going to come throughout the week.

Third reason is how you feel on Monday is going to affect how you feel the rest of the week.  If your sales motivation is in the toilet on Monday, then what would make anyone think Tuesday is going to be different?

This is one reason why I’ve been a strong believer in scheduling an easy sales call on Monday as a way to kick the week off right.  Scheduling a call you know is going to go well and will most likely result in business is a great way to jumpstart the week.

Fourth reason is it’s 20% of the workweek.  I watch too many salespeople spend all day Monday in their office getting ready to take on the week.  Excuse me, but that is what the weekend is for.

Problem with using Mondays to organize the week is your competitor is out there getting business that should be yours, but you’re not getting it because you’re in the office. 

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