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If we’re not asking ourselves what the ROI is going to be from attending a conference, then why are we even thinking about attending?

As a business leader, there are numerous conferences you can attend for any number of reasons.  Recently, while kicking off an all-day program I was doing for senior-level managers of mid- and large-size companies, I addressed this issue.

The feedback I received from the attendees was so positive I felt it important to share it with everyone.

Below are the objectives anyone attending a conference should consider:

1. One relationship with a person with whom you can share ideas long after the conference is over.

2. One to three ideas you can use to grow or improve your business.

3. A personal learning/growth tool you can use and would be applicable for others in your organization.

4. One new strategic insight that will aid you in achieving your vision.

5. An answer (or minimally a way to find the answer) to a key issue your organization is dealing with.

You’ll notice it’s a mix of both tactical and strategic and covers the range of developing yourself and your people.

Have these objectives ready the next time you’re about to attend a conference. More importantly, look to gain answers to each of them while at the conference. Doing so will help ensure you get the ROI necessary for the time invested.




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