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I continue to read how people are predicting over the next 20 years, the sales profession will see a major reduction in the number of salespeople. The argument is the profession will decline because the customer doesn’t need the salesperson anymore due to everything being on the web.

Think about this for a moment

Just because there is a lot of information available on the web doesn’t mean a profession is at risk.

I can gain all kinds of information about open-heart surgery on the internet. That doesn’t mean if I need open-heart surgery I’m going to now do it myself. No, I’m still going to consult an expert.

Same thing applies in sales. The information is there, but that doesn’t mean the expert is not needed.

Will there be some sales positions that go away? Sure, any position that doesn’t bring meaningful value to the customer is doomed.

But that’s no different than what is happening with every other profession.  I’ll argue the availability of information will open up new sales opportunities in the same way new medical specialties are experiencing huge growth, because people can learn from the internet.

Our challenge remains the same as it always has and I expect always will be: Bring value to customers through our insights.

The role of the salesperson tomorrow will be even more specialized than it is today, making it no different than the evolution taking place in every other profession.




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