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Do leaders have a scarcity mentality or an abundance outlook?

I was asked this question recently and I had to hold my facial expression out of respect for the person asking the question.

First, I find it hard for anyone to accept having a “scarcity mentality.”  Second, I believe strongly if you’re going to be a leader who makes a difference, you’ll possess a very strong “abundance outlook.”

After a brief discussion with the person asking the question, I learned the context of where they were coming from.

They worked for a “leader” who believed in developing people, but only at the cost of throwing everyone else off the island. The manager’s belief was there’s only room for one person to be promoted out of the group and everyone else might as well give up. To me, that is about as narrow an approach as anyone could ever take.

Organizations may only have limited opportunities, but that should never preclude a real leader from creating other opportunities that won’t necessarily carry the title or the salary grade — but can carry huge amounts of job satisfaction and personal growth.

Leaders should never view their organizational chart as the boundaries of what they can do.

Leaders know their priority is the development of their people, rather than the filling of boxes on an org chart.   Your ability to create opportunities is your opportunity to create an abundant culture. That, in turn, will result in higher productivity.


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