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I just returned from speaking engagements in Australia and the Phillippines.  One event was a keynote for 300 sales executives from across Australia, and the other was a group of 70 business leaders and business owners from 12 Asian countries.

After both of these events, I stepped back to think about the people I was talking to. The conversations we had were powerful and intellectually deep, and they stimulated my thinking.

Over dinner one night, I found myself seated next to a Wharton graduate now living in India, running a mid-size company. Our conversation was far reaching in terms of topics we talked about, and sometimes the views we had were similar, and at other times, we had polar opposite views.

A few things continued to run through my mind: Do I think big enough? Are my ideas pushing myself as hard as they can?

The reason these thoughts kept running through my head was the number of opportunities created by each discussion and each relationship.  All of this left me thinking about how my own thinking is simply not big enough.

I found myself realizing how I too many times limit my thinking of what is possible to what I can see or what I can visualize. What this leaves me with is a real sense that we can believe our thinking is big, when in reality it’s quite small.

Is your thinking big enough?  Is your vision only as big as what you see your competitors doing?

My trip to Asia and Australia has me rethinking how I think and, more importantly, how I view my vision and goals.




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