How big is your ego when it comes to leadership?

Years ago I worked for an individual who was absolutely brilliant. The man single handedly had created two billion dollar plus businesses.  Problem was as smart as he was, his ego always preceded him into every conversation.

He was so ego filled that if you were in a conversation with him and it wasn’t centered around how great he was, he would leave.  I still remember having him walk out of a customer meeting simply because the conversation wasn’t about him.  Yes, that is a big ego!

The ego I want to talk to you about is a different type of ego. It’s a type of ego I think every leader needs to have and that is ego spelled E.G.O.  The letters stand for Empowering Greater Outcomes. That’s what being a leader is all about!

Watch this short video where I introduce the EGO to the audience at OutBound 2017:

Our role as a leader is not to make ourselves look good like the boss I described earlier.  Our job as a leader is to help others rise up and become even better than we are.  Empowering greater outcomes is all about helping others.  It might be a customer, a fellow employee, or the barista serving you coffee.

When we go about our day with a deliberate focus to help empower greater outcomes in those with whom we come in contact, we will have a dramatically different approach to each activity. By focusing on others, we become more focused on how we communicate, and it changes significantly our attitude and sense of commitment.

My goal each day is to demonstrate EGO leadership in everything I do.  Doing so allows me to ultimately accomplish far more, because I’m surrounding myself with people who see and do things at a higher level.  EGO leadership should not be the exception. It should be the rule as to how we lead.

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