OutBound is just two months away! The four of us have been working hard to create the strongest schedule filled with the most helpful content for this conference. Our goal is to help take your sales to the next level. You are going to leave the conference with some of the best tips and tricks that you can immediately start to implement to be more successful. Also, I guarantee you there won’t be any sales pitches. Not one speaker is going to try to talk you into buying or enrolling in anything.

Go here to register, and use code “mark100″ to save $100!

Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg, Jeb Blount and I founded this event together. Let me tell you, it’s been such a kick planning alongside them! We’re excited about what have planned! Take a look at the schedule of events:

The main event begins Wednesday, April 24 with Waldo Waldman as our first keynote speaker. He’ll get you fired up with his speech titled, “Push It Up.”

Next up are TED-style talks, each being fast-paced and to the point. You can expect nothing but straight content. No fluff! Check out the speakers and topics below:

  1. Mike Weinberg talking on “Why Opportunity Creators Own the Future”
  2. Jeb Blount with “The Relentless Pursuit of Yes,” and how to ensure that’s what you get.
  3. I will share about how “Prospecting is a Muscle” and give you the exercises necessary to keep it strong.
  4. Anthony Iannarino will present, “Adversity is Your Greatest Teacher,” which will include some practical and tactile advice on improving your prospecting, pipeline, and productivity mindset.
  5. Mike will come back to share why “No One Defaults to Prospecting” and will give ways to prospect with greater consistency and to a greater effect.
  6. Jeb will close us out before lunch with “The Only Question That Really Matters.”

Wednesday afternoon:

  1. First up after lunch is Jeffrey Gitomer. He will definitely give you more to chew on and challenge your thinking. As the winner of “The King of Sales” award and author of “The Little Red Book of Sales,”  Jeffrey will talk about “The Manifesto Mindset – Getting from I Think I Can to I Did It!”
  2. Next, Jeb is back for a small, quick, and powerful guide to “Getting off the Feast or Famine Roller Coaster.” You know how some quarters are better than others? Let’s try to level that out a bit, shall we?
  3. Then, Anthony returns to share “Motivation is for Amateurs,” with direction on how you can fuel your results and do good work with purpose and meaning.
  4. Following Anthony, I will talk about how “You Have the Ability, so It is Your Responsibility.”
  5. Our keynote Speaker Andrea Waltz will give you a new lens on prospecting with “Go For No!” I think you’re going to really love her as she helps you reframe rejection.

After Andrea, it’s time for you to prep for the final segment of Day 1. Stay tuned to find out what special event we’re planning. In the meantime, prepare to have a lot of fun and shift your thinking.

Tuesday, April 25:

  1. Our keynote speaker Colleen Francis will open up Day 2 at 8AM. You don’t want to miss out, because her ideas and strategies are sure to get you to 7-figures.
  2. Anthony Iannarino comes to us with his brand new keynote on “Level 4 Value Creation and the 10 Commitments.”
  3. Mike Weinberg is up with “Breaking Free of the Commodity Trap.” This keynote will up your game in 2019.
  4. Jeb Blount closes our morning session with “Sales EQ and the Four Immutable Laws of Sales.” This content will change the way you think about selling.

After lunch on Tuesday, we’ll start off with:

  1. Keynote speaker: Bob Burg who is “Mr. Go Giver” himself. Bob is in the NSA National Speaker Hall of Fame, in addition to Waldo from day 1. Bob’s values-based approach will be  a rare treat.
  2. Next, I will share about “The Confidence Factor.” This talk is designed to improve your effectiveness and secure everything you do.
  3. One of the strongest keynote speakers, Victor Antonio, will close out the conference. Not only is he one of the smartest people in the game, but he is one of the very best speakers.

We can’t let you leave without a little Q&A and a big send off! Jeb, Mike, Anthony, and I will come back to close the main event.

Go look for a sales conference with a main-stage rock-show-like event mixed with Cirque de Soleil stitched together with real sales content, and you won’t be able to find it. This event is like none other! The pace is faster and the delivery is more energetic. Over the two days, you’ll have 10 headliners and some of the biggest names in sales development. You and your sales career won’t want to miss out on this event, so register now! Use code “mark100” to get $100 off the main event.

You really should think about staying for Day 3 to get an extra day full of workshops from 15 other world-class sales experts plus bonus sessions from Mike, Jeb, Anthony, and me. When you buy the Elite ticket, you’ll gain access to this extra day and special seating for the two main-stage days.

Better yet, go all in and get the whole VIP experience! This includes VIP seating, training tracks, a private book signing, VIP plated lunch, and more. There are only a few special VIP tickets left, so get your ticket today!

OutBound is the very best, content-driven sales conference on earth. This year, it is taking place at the World Congress Center in the Georgia Ballroom on April 24th and 25th. An Elite ticket includes a full day of workshops on April 26th. If you want the greatest package deal, be in Atlanta on the 23rd and you’ll get the full VIP experience. I promise that you won’t find an experience this great anywhere else!

Copyright 2019, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog. Mark Hunter is the author of High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results

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