Over lunch recently, the topic turned to the voices we have in our head and how sometimes the voices are telling us negative things.

What made this discussion interesting was who I was having lunch with.

I was having lunch with one of the most successful salespeople I have ever met.  The person is a rock star in sales — not just for a year or two but over decades.

It amazed me that this person was admitting how at times they have voices saying “don’t make the call” or “you don’t want to bother that person” or “there’s no way they will have any interest.”

This revelation was coming from a veteran!

We might expect to hear such struggles from a new salesperson, but certainly not from an expert — or so we think.  Truth is we all struggle with voices in our head regardless of our level of experience.

Now that every salesperson who is reading this is feeling a sense of relief or maybe disbelief, let’s cut to the chase.  The fact is at one point or another, we can start thinking in a way we shouldn’t be thinking.

Our challenge is to know how to deal with these voices by either be able to stop them once they start or blocking them from even appearing.

Over the years I’ve found the best way to control the voices is two ways:

First, create positive momentum. Second, put yourself in an environment that allows for success.

To do both of these means associating with people who will give you the positive feedback and support you need. Also, you need to have access to tools that will allow you to minimize the voices.   It simply comes down to putting yourself in an environment that allows you to view yourself in a positive manner.

I’m not selling anything, but let me give you a quick suggestion.

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Like I said — I’m not selling anything. The video will be there to simply help you succeed and control those voices in your head.

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