Do you have lousy customers? Ask yourself that question and be serious about your answer. If you’re saying yes, then why do you think your customers are lousy? Are your customers lousy because your sales process attracts the wrong customers?

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When you prospect, you’re not only helping the customer discover why they should buy from you, but you’re also validating if you should even sell to them in the first place. It’s not a good enough reason to get a customer just to help make your monthly or quarterly number.

If the prospect / customer is difficult to deal with during the sale process, stop and ask yourself what they’d be like as your customer. This is a major issue if all you sell is services. Sales is a two-way street, so regardless of what you sell or how much you think your sale is a one-time event, it is not. Every sale, no matter what the product or service and who you sell to, will always lead to the next sale. With each sale you make, you further demonstrate who you are and what you do. Your history in sales and the customers you have become your future reputation.

To put this plain and simple, you get the customers you deserve based on how you prospect. When you allow yourself to compromise a claim about your product to help close a deal, you might think you’re doing the right thing but you’re not. You’re doing the opposite! When red flags pop up early on with a prospect but you fail to press the brakes on the relationship, you’re setting yourself for having a bad customer. A sale is not a sale. A sale is only a sale if it is a good sale between two parties that have mutual respect and support for one another. Bad customers are the byproduct of bad salespeople. This is why I use this phrase often: “when you prospect with integrity you will get customers who have integrity.”

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