end-of-the-year-moneyFlash: Your customers still have year-end money they don’t just want to spend, but need to spend NOW!

We might be just days from the end of the year and we might be looking at shutting things down for the year, but you do so at the risk of losing business.

In fact, what you run the risk of losing is not just business, but EASY business. There are plenty of businesses out there with budgets with money still in them that go away come December 31.

Best thing of all is your customers want to spend the money.

How easy can we make this?

What makes it even easier is many of your competitors have already shut down, which means your customers have not many fewer places to spend their money.

You’ll never know how much year-end business is out there until you make the call.

Don’t send emails! Pick up the phone and call! Make it easy for your customer to do more business with you.

After you’ve called all of your existing customers, don’t stop there.  Move to prospects who you know are doing business with your competitor.

If your competitor has already packed it in for the year, the customer is there for you to serve.  The beauty is not only will you serve them now, but you’ll be showing them how committed you are to helping them.

You may very well find yourself with a new long-term customer.

Go for it! Start calling now!

You’ll be doing each of your customers a big favor and that’s why I’ll encourage you to be upfront with them and ask them about year-end money they’re looking to spend.

It will feel great to know you’ve helped your customers, and in so doing, picked up even more sales and more commissions.



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