The period we’re in right now offers you a huge opportunity to learn more about selling. We are in a unique situation that should be taken advantage of. The skills you’re practicing and improving right now while listening, asking questions, engaging questions, and dealing with customers who can and can’t buy are special. All of us should come out of this as better salespeople, and I believe we will. Don’t look negatively at this point in history; rather, look at it as one full of opportunities and having the margin to get your MBA in sales is one of them.  

Video: Getting Your Sales MBA During a Pandemic:

As I talk with salespeople each day, I am continually amazed at the insights shared when I ask them if their sales skills are better today than they were last week. Someone has yet to tell me that they aren’t learning something. This is a fantastic time to be in sales, the skills you learn will make you incredibly successful when this pandemic is over.   

 Anyone can sell when times are good, because everyone wants to buy when times are good. Who wouldn’t be successful when the only people that call are those with a desire to buy? The funny thing is that during good times, often times salespeople get cocky thinking they are fantastic. Gee, that sure sounds like those who claim to be a great stock trader when the market goes up. Or, how about the person who claims to be a real estate genius when the market is hot. Anybody is capable of succeeding when times are going well. The person who can make it happen when times are bad is the person who ultimately wins long-term. 

Numerous years ago, I was in the restaurant business and something I quickly learned was how much easier it was to make money in a high-volume location. When I managed a high-volume location, the revenue I made covered up my sins of excess labor, etc.  When I managed a low-volume location, that is when I really got my MBA in restaurant management. Suddenly I had to keep a keen eye on each hour of labor, each food item, every customer experience. A huge takeaway from that time of my life was realizing the importance of learning. The moment we are in now is our time to learn – today, right here and right now! What we learn today will have an immense payoff, not only today but also post pandemic.  

So regardless of the economy, regardless of the pandemic, opportunities never stop. The possibilities just look different – they come in a variable manner. I’m excited for each day and I’m excited for each challenge, because they give me new opportunities to grow. I challenge you to view each day similarly. Look at each day through the lens of opportunity to better yourself and impact others. Together, we will not only earn our MBA but also our doctorate in sales. 

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