Rhythm_CoverRhythm_Coverrhythm book coverDoes change drive you or do you drive it?

I’ve always been one who loves change and embraces it.

A good friend of mine, Micah Yost  (www.MicahYost.com), sent me copy of his new book, Rhythm, and I’m excited to recommend it to you.

As I read the book, two things kept getting pounded into my mind.

First, change and discipline are not polar opposites, and second, the best ideas come from disparate things. 

Let me explain both.

Micah lays the case for change, but does so by saying how change comes through being disciplined and focused.

In the book he shares how he schedules his day and gives us all a plan as to how we too can find a balanced plan.  For the naysayers in the crowd, he reinforces his plan by sharing how Ben Franklin laid out his day.

The second idea I came away with is how disparate things create new ideas.

Micah shares how the Greeks developed a transportation plan to move mega loads.  What struck me about this is how the solution came from an incredibly simplistic application resulting from being singularly focused.

Most of you know how adamant I am about continual learning. This book is a great investment in yourself toward such learning and I hope you’ll snag yourself a copy today.

Rhythm, the new book by Micah Yost, is available in Kindle format at this link on Amazon.

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