Yes! This is a very serious question about your selling process and, more importantly, the price you want to get from what you’re selling.

Regardless of what you’re selling, never forget the customer is buying you first.

Sure, the customer may buy from you even if they don’t connect with you, but they will more often than not expect a lower price.

The price you get is a direct reflection on the level of trust the customer has developed with you.  The more they trust you, the more they will believe in whatever it is you’re selling.

This is why when I hear salespeople make the comment that what they’re selling is worth more than they’re getting, I have to stop and ask them about the level of trust and confidence they’re creating in the customer.

For me this is the biggest thing you do as a salesperson — develop trust and confidence.  Yet too many times, it all breaks down at the point of decision, all because the salesperson can’t deliver their price with confidence.

All of the trust and confidence you’ve created can and will go right out the window if you don’t follow it up and build on it as you deliver your price and close the sale.

You are worth more! And the way you can determine how much you’re truly worth is by asking yourself what is the level of trust and confidence you’re creating with the customer.

Focus your efforts on creating an environment for the customer to have confidence in you, and in turn you demonstrate it back to them as you close the sale.

More profits are lost due to the salesperson failing to have enough confidence in themselves than nearly any other reason.

This is why I’m a firm believer in saying your level of confidence is going to equal your level of profit.

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