There should be a law against salespeople calling themselves a salesperson when they’re anything but a salesperson.

It’s time for another one of my rants about salespeople. I’ve been holding back but here it goes.

If you’re a salesperson, then what are you doing sitting around the office thinking about everything you need to do or, worse yet, doing everything else but selling?

If I could make a penny off of each salesperson who wastes time doing things they know won’t result in sales, I’d be rich.

Sure, I know there are a lot of things salespeople have to do on a regular basis that in and of themselves don’t result in sales.

Things like expense reports, following up on paperwork, providing status updates, etc.  I understand that, but let’s get real — checking sports websites to see how your team is doing instead of picking up the phone and calling a customer is a whole lot less productive.

I will contend the average salesperson wastes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours per day on stuff that is completely non-productive.  What irritates me is these are the same people who will cry and whine about how they don’t have enough time to sell because of stupid paperwork.

Here comes my rant…. Get over it and take control!

You’re the one who has to be responsible to do what you are supposed to be doing and that’s selling!  You can’t eat excuses and if you think business is just going to fall into your lap, then go ahead and plan on moving into customer service.

If, on the other hand, you’re serious about achieving the level of success you know you can achieve, then take a hard look at the amount of time you waste on the internet and doing a whole host of other things that are only going to do one thing — hurt your results as a salesperson.

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