How can we make a difference in the world, especially today given COVID-19? How can we bring value to relationships, to conversations, to the people around us? Is it even possible? Yes, it is possible, and it starts with each one of us taking ownership  of how we live our daily lives. Everything we do, whether big or small, has an impact.

Let me start unpacking this with a story. It’s a story about a man by the name of Phil Graef. He was the first boss I ever had who I absolutely loved—I respected him in every way. He had a charismatic personality and always had time for not just me but everyone he met, no matter how busy he was. Phil truly was a difference-maker. Although he was only my boss for a little over a year, he made a huge impact on me, and I learned a tremendous amount from him. What stuck out the most was how he always approached his first day back at work after his days off. When Phil returned, there was never any sense of drudgery or complaining about his days off not being long enough. No, Phil was excited to be back, even though he had a life outside of work. He always put his family first and was totally committed to his wife and two children. Ok, now what’s going to blow you away is that Phil was my boss when I was just sixteen years old. Ready for me to tell you where? McDonalds. You read that right, the McDonalds located in Lacey, Washington.

Phil lived an integrity-filled life. I share this with you because of the perception you might have about McDonalds and the food they serve. Integrity is not something that exists only in perfect situations and environments or high class businesses. Being motivated and enthused is not something that only exists in perfect companies. Something I share with people often and wrote in my new book, A Mind for Sales is this:

Your drive to make a difference in others, whether it be on Monday or any other day of the week, is not driven by circumstances— integrity is driven by you.

Phil Graef was a difference-maker because he did not allow external conditions to impact his internal mindset and how he led us. This is leadership and why I respected him so much. In order to make a difference, Phil knew he had to be in control of himself. On more than one occasion, things were not going well and I knew Phil would shortly come walking through the back door. I knew he would not stress out or add to the chaos but in his charismatic style he would soon have everything running smoothly once more.

Our impact is greater than we realize. We cannot underestimate the influence our actions have on those around us. Phil Graef was not just a great manager, he was a great leader because he knew his actions, his words, and his personality would have an effect on others, and it was up to him to decide the kind of effect. Since working at McDonalds under Phil’s leadership, I firmly believe I have been able to face all sorts of hard that’s been thrown at me because of what I learned from him. Your personality, your words, and your actions have the same impact. I am so passionate about sales because we get to impact so many other people. What could possibly be more fun than waking up each morning knowing you have been given the gift to impact others?

With each person we encounter, no matter what avenue of communication these days, may we strive to impact them in a such a manner that they see us as one of the better parts of their day. When we shift our mindset to others and choose to see them as valuable, it is amazing how much transformation can happen in all parties. This is important right now more than ever. Everyone wants their story to be heard, validated, and understood. Everyone wants to be noticed and appreciated. The more we positively impact others, the more we positively impact ourselves. You are your own difference-maker.

You’ll find a whole lot more on this crucial idea of influencing others and improving yourself in my new book, A Mind For Sales. This is a timely read, and many are raving about how it has made a difference in their lives during these tough times. Grab your copy, and I would love for you to submit a review. Sharing comments is a helpful way to spread the word and make an impact. You can submit a review on Amazon or wherever you purchased the book. Click here to order on Amazon.

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