We’ve seen it many times this winter where a huge storm shuts down a city or a region of the country. Don’t allow these situations to destroy your ability to sell and serve your customers. When severe weather starts creating havoc, many businesses start shutting down or letting people go home early in an attempt to keep people safe.

What I strongly recommend doing in these situations is to have a phone blitz where every salesperson and manager is actively calling customers to check on them and to nurture customer service. I love this strategy because it speaks volumes to the customers you call, because it demonstrates how committed you are to taking care of them. I’ve found that over the years this phone sales skills strategy will not only help cement relationships with key customers, but also will open up doors with new customers who are suddenly at the mercy of not having their current supplier servicing them.

So when the weather turns bad and you too are forced to stay in (or when you have clients or prospects in a part of the country where weather is bad), then hit the phone lines. Express genuine concern and discover new ways you can meet your customers’ needs and alleviate their pains.

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