Are your dreams big enough to scare you, even a little?

Recently I was in Atlanta a few days before Outbound begins. Outbound, if you’re not familiar, is a conference I get to put on with a few of my friends. It’s big–we’re in the Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center, in one of the ballrooms which seats about 4,000.

Of course, we didn’t have 4,000 this year because of COVID and everything else. But while I was there and observing all of the preparations, I was in awe of the size of it, the amount of gear and cabling behind the scenes, and the number of people running around getting everything set up.

How did this happen?

Because we dared to dream big. We challenged ourselves to go big. 

I’m going to challenge you. Are your goals big enough? Are they really big enough?


You need to have big goals. 

Without a doubt, nothing happens overnight. Outbound began back in 2015.  We made a commitment–a 10 year commitment. So we’re about halfway through right now, and we’re just getting started!

You have to be prepared to think big, to dream big, and don’t let naysayers get in the way.

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Fast forward to this year’s conference, and the number of people involved in putting on the show is probably about 50 to 75 people. Not only that, we actually produced two shows, one in the conference center for the live audience, and another for online attendees. 

I love seeing an idea come to fruition. This is from a group of guys who said, “Let’s have an event.” And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Don’t ever allow your dreams to be kept small. More importantly, never allow those dreams to sit idly without taking action.

I want to help you dream big through my online program, The Sales Hunter University. We’ve got something for everybody.

Dreaming big can also mean challenging yourself, and working muscles that may be weak. I challenge you to invest in yourself this year so that those big goals can become a reality.


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