Too many salespeople find themselves without enough opportunities to keep their pipeline filled.  One of the most brilliant salespeople I know and good friend Anthony Iannarino and I recently discussed the problem people have with prospecting.

If we’re not willing to hold ourselves accountable to prospect, then why should we expect our prospecting to be effective?   Watch the video and listen to Anthony rant about sales managers failing to live up to what they need to be doing.

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The era of the phone ringing is gone. We have to be outbound with our prospecting efforts if we want to be effective.   Salespeople today can make more money than ever and yet the sales profession has a turnover rate that has never been higher. Why? Because we are not wiling to take the issue of prospecting to heart and make it a core part of what we do.

Successful salespeople take risks. That’s how they become top producers.  If we believe in what we sell and how we can help our customers, why would we not want to take as many risks as necessary to make sure they can help as many customers as possible?

Rejection is the big fear salespeople have and the reason they don’t want to prospect, but watch the video and listen to what Anthony has to say about dealing with rejection and why it’s not personal.

If you are opportunity starved, you need to grab Anthony’s new book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need.   The book is Anthony on fire talking about what it takes to be successful in sales.   He’s got a great offer if you buy now. You can find it at this link.

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High Profit Prospecting

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