Recently I found myself talking with a salesperson who was actively engaged in trying to sell me.

I was a motivated buyer and the salesperson was motivated to sell.

Problem was the salesperson was too motivated to sell, and in so doing, was giving me way too much information.

The salesperson missed every buying signal and instead continued to throw more and more information at me, all the while thinking it was the right thing to do. Problem is it was only doing one thing — slowing down the process and wasting everyone’s time.

I couldn’t help but wonder how much time this salesperson wastes each year if what I was experiencing with him was typical.

One of the most basic rules in sales is keep it simple for the customer. You’re the expert. Help them by not doing data dumps.



The day of the data dump for a sales presentation died years ago, and clearly this salesperson didn’t get the memo!

Your goal is to be the expert. This means communicating to the person in the manner they want to be communicated, rather than how you think is best.

For me, its brevity. My time is my most valuable asset, and I want to make the decision as rapidly and as prudently as possible. This allows me to move onto the next activity on my list.

Next time you send a customer information, ask yourself these questions, “How could I say it in less time? How could I make the email shorter? What can I do differently to make it quick and easy for the customer? Am I truly communicating to the customer in the manner they want to be communicated to?”

Did I finally do business with the salesperson?

Yes, but unfortunately the salesperson won’t benefit from me recommending him to others. Why? It’s simple: The process was simply too complicated and in the end not necessary.

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