What’s your plan to stay in touch with the customer after the sale?


Too many salespeople land a customer and then go out and try to get another customer.

Hey, wait a minute! The cheapest customer you’re ever going to get is the one you already have. 

1. Delivering on expectations

You may perceive the customer’s going to receive A,B, or C, but the customer perceives something different.

How do you ensure you’re both on the same page? You’ve got to follow up with them. 

2. Checking on outcomes

The customer is not buying from you because they want to buy from you, they’re buying from you because they want to achieve an outcome.

You better find out what that desired outcome is and zero in on that. 


3. Thank you

 Just call them up to say thank you. The point is staying in touch with them.

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I’m thanking them not by sending them a note, I’m calling them, reaching out to them. We open a relationship through conversations.

4. Helping them explore more

I want to explore more with them by asking them more questions, understanding more about their business, sharing information.

The goal is to continuously be a conduit of resources to them.

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5. Build a personal connection

Some ideas could be to connect with them on LinkedIn or on Facebook. Connect with them in the avenues that they communicate. 

It’s about staying in touch with them long after the sale.

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6. Share connections, share leads. 

I did this the other day with a person who I’ve done some business with, and I referred some other leads for their business. 

I share connections–other people my contacts need to meet–all the time. It’s effective, and I’m building my network as well as theirs.

7. Invite feedback

Call your customers and ask them, “Hey, how are we doing? What’s happening in terms of your business? And have we been able to deliver your…” 

This looks like a continuous process of finding out from them and helping them. And in so doing, you’re getting valuable feedback. 

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8. Quarterly checkup

Put it in your CRM. Every existing customer you have needs to have a quarterly checkup. And it’s very simply this: “I want to find out how things are going for you. Are we delivering? What else can we do?” 

Again this simple, short conversation helps you gauge where they’re at, anticipate needs, and of course it’s opening a relationship. Once a quarter is an easy interval to keep up.

9. Online reviews

This may be a recommendation on LinkedIn, or a review on a particular industry site. Wherever it might be, invite them. 

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10. Ask for referrals. 

You’re allowing the customer to participate in your success. 

But don’t keep it just one sided, give them referrals in return.

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