If I were to ask you if you use Google Maps, I have a feeling you would say yes to using either that or using Siri/Alexa. (I better not say that, or it’s going to turn on.)

We all have devices that provide directions for us and thank goodness. It feels like I have lost some of my ability to just sense where things are at. I fully rely on Google Maps!

Guys, I know you’re with me on this. Women, you’re saying, “Just ask directions.” I get that, but here is something else that is interesting to me…

Why is it we have come to readily accept Google Maps and other things to help us yet, other times in life, we do not ask for directions when we are stuck and need help?

Hundreds of times, I have been stuck on a problem where I really should have just reached out for help from somebody. Instead, I tried to slog my way through it by myself.

Yes, I would get it done and I learned, but I wonder how much more efficiently and effectively I would have been able to solve my issues had I just reached out.

Now, flip this around the other way. How many people do we know that we could be a ‘Siri’ or ‘Alexa’ to? How many people could we be a ‘Google Maps’ or ‘Apple Maps’ to? We might be able to actually help someone.

What we need to do is set a daily objective to be a ‘Google Maps’ to somebody every day and maybe we should be a little more receptive to allowing others to be a ‘Google Maps’ to us.

Thanks for reading my Mornings with Mark blog this week and yes, I had to use Google Maps to figure out where I was going today. Take care.

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