walking awayAre you willing to walk away from a customer who is persistently asking for a price discount?

I hope so!

I cannot emphasize this enough:  The customer who beats you up on price will beat you up on everything else.  They will drain your energy — and the time and energy of your office staff — so quickly that any profit you are getting from them will quickly become “not worth it.”

I recognize that this is not always an easy call to make.  Maybe you’re near your quota and discounting your price “this one time” with this customer will give you the boost you want.  Be cautious, though.   Temporary gratification may turn into long-term nightmare.

Plus, if you start discounting with one customer, you’re more likely to do with the next.  It can easily become your norm, and that’s when you really are doing horrendous damage to your profit margins.

Here’s a video I did as part of a Sales Mastery Summit.  You’ll see how passionate I am about being willing to walk away:

One Thing Sales Reps Could Take Action on Today to be More Successful!

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