help-wantedYou have a vacancy you want to fill and you’re looking for that super sharp salesperson.

You think by hiring the top-gun everything will fall into place and business will rock.

Challenge is you might be looking for the top-gun salesperson, but are they looking for you?

Top-performing salespeople have options. Don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise.

Below are 8 secret insights on what top-performing salespeople really want.

I’ve maintained this list for years and surprisingly it doesn’t change.  The source for the items is based on my work with thousands of salespeople each year across a wide range of industries.

Does that make it my opinion?  Yes, but I do believe it holds value because of the 15-plus years I’ve been observing salespeople as a consultant. You’re welcome to reject the items or parts of the list, but before you do, ask a dozen top performing salespeople their opinion.

Here is what top salespeople want in an employer:

1. A sharp sales manager who is a strategic thinker and has clout in the company.

Top-peforming salespeople know they need support and the biggest thing they want is a leader who will support them.

2. No micro-managing.

They don’t have time for petty stuff and especially for a sales manager or anyone else who wants to pick apart everything and insist on over complicating everything.

3. Culture that embraces who they are.

Everyone wants to work for an organization that embraces what they do and shows respect for people.  Whether it be a top performer or someone right out of school, this one is universal.

4. Opportunity to be recognized and respected.

It’s not always about the money. It’s also about being valued and that means being respected for a job well done.

5. A strong marketing and business development department.

Yes, top performing salespeople are good at working on their own, but they also understand the value of marketing and things like product development.  They know the more tools they have, the more successful they can be.

6. A solid company.

This doesn’t always mean a big company. What it means is one that is solid in terms of it’s business plan and financial strength.  Top gun salespeople aren’t going to avoid going to work for a small company, as long as it has a solid business plan with solid backing.

7. Growth opportunities.

If the salesperson can’t see how they can professionally grow with the company, don’t expect them to work for the company.  Why should they?  There are plenty of other places they could go.

8. Variable compensation.

I list this last because yes, it’s important, but we can’t think for a moment it’s the only thing that’s important.  Comp plan must allow for the top performing salesperson to be rewarded far more than the under-performer. 

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