In recent blog postings, I have talked a lot about sales prospecting.

I know that for many of you, your sales efforts require that you prospect and sell to professional buyers and purchasing departments.

Below are 7 articles I’ve written that dig into the unique dynamics of working with buyers and purchasing departments.  I encourage you to take the time to read these.

It will be time well spent, because your career is worth strengthening your skills in such a way that it shows up in profits and more success.

And if you have other suggestions on working with professional buyers and purchasing departments, by all means — leave a comment.

Selling to Purchasing Departments

A Better Approach with Purchasing Departments

Discounting to Create Cashflow? Be Careful

Why Buyers Love Delaying

Your Buyer is Smarter than You

Dealing with a Purchasing Department

Why Buyers Don’t Like Salespeople

Here’s to great selling! We are a fourth of the way through 2012.  May you pick up momentum as we head toward the half-way mark.

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