With so much great information available, what are you doing to strengthen your skills, boost your sales motivation and grow your profit?

It’s an on-going process, but if you are consistent with it, you WILL see the dividends.  You will go from being a good salesperson to one who not just sets and sees goals, but regularly surpasses them.

We have a variety of sales articles on our site on specific topics.

I’ve listed a few right over in the next column, but here are the links as well:

Close Too Quick and You Lose Profit

Selling a Price Increase in a Soft Market

What to Do When Your Customer Wants to Switch Vendors

Price Cutting is For Sissies

Why Buyers Love Delaying

How Latest Trends Will Hurt You

You can also check out our entire Resource Section.  We have several more articles, eBooks, etc.

What would be particularly helpful is if you comment on this post and name the one resource that you have used in your career that you would personally recommend. It could be a website, book, seminar, class, audio series or ANY resource.  Maybe it isn’t even a sales-specific resource, but one on motivation or success.

Let’s collectively challenge each other toward greatness.

Here’s to great selling!

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