We’ve all had customers who just don’t want to move forward.

They throw out one reason after another, and you know their problem is simply they can’t make a decision, but won’t admit it.

You want to close the sale fast to allow you to move on.

The only asset you have that is in limited supply is your own time. When a slow customer takes up too much of it, you lose.

The time you’re spending with them is preventing you from moving on to another customer and another opportunity.

Below are 5 ways to speed up the slow customer:

1. Shorten the date the offer is available.

This is easy and yet many salespeople are fearful of losing out on a sale, so they are hesitant to shorten the availability date. Why do automobile dealers sell more cars at the end of the month than at the beginning?

2. Limit the quantity available.

Don’t do this unless it’s real, but it’s amazing how when people know there is a limited supply, they make a decision. The limited supply can be something as simple as the amount of time you can spend with them.

3. Announce a price increase.

Knowing a price is going to go up creates an urgent need for most people to move forward.

4. Offer a smaller amount to make the initial decision to buy less stressful.

This is one that is great, not just for customers who can’t make up their mind, but also for anyone where there is a sense they might become overwhelmed with too many decisions.

5. Walk away.

Tell the customer you’re leaving and you won’t have an option to speak to them again.   This one takes confidence but it costs nothing and will typically move the slow-decision maker over to making the move to buy.




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